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Made for Horror Game Jam (11th March 2022 - 11th April 2022)

In a world where social media and television influence the large majority of the planet we cannot escape things like war, murder, theft,  and other horrors that occur everyday. We see it on every channel, in every language, every minute, every day.  Whilst many find it difficult and draining, some people in particular find it unbearable. Our protagonist is one such person. 

He has been overcome with stress and has decided to drink and take pills to push the pain away. One night he takes more than his body is able to handle and he slips into a comatose state. It is here that he awakes in the dream world "Wonderland".

You are trapped inside this "Wonderland" - a terrible nightmare comprised of nonsensical and illogical fauna and flora. You must explore and fight your way out and return to the real world before it is too late.

  • Alejandro Navas (Ale) (Sound Designer)
  • Aryn Taylor (3D Artist & Game Design)
  • Jimmy Parello (3D Artist)
  • Gabriel Espinal (Music Composer)
  • Federico Alvarez (Programmer)

Assets credits
Assets credits included in zip file


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La verdad que quedó bastante bien! Pendiente del uptade, seguro que mejora mucho. Saludos!

Por cierto, cómo podemos hacer para que me linkees al proyecto, para que aparezca en mi perfil como colaborador?

Gabriel, ¿Cómo estás?

El Update quedó en el olvido a esta altura. Quizás se pueda retomar algún día :). Te tengo que enviar una URL que tienes que visitar para aceptar. Me puedes escribir por Discord sin problema, no recuerdo si estabas en el server o no.


Sí, estaría bien! Pues cómo te encuentro en discord fede?

Pretty cool!
With the right amount of polish this could be a great horror game, good work!


Thanks for playing! We have some things planned for the future :)

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good prootytpe but need fix 

Thanks for playing! Yep, needs lot of fixes, sorry about that! We gonna fix this issues ASAP! Stay tuned for updates :)

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no problem :D i like help dev.

Nicely thought out game, with great visuals and effects! Well done!