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Night Chat is my entry for Two-Minute Horror Jam. Made in a couple of weeks in my free time with Unity/C#.

it's a personal nightmare about the light that comes from the computer when we are in total darkness in the middle of the night, and what lies beyond that.

  • Mouse (Rotates)
  • Left Click - Flashlight on/off (Saves energy)

  • freesound.org - All in game sounds
  • Monster model (Sketchfab - @Plug_N_Play_Assets)
  • Unity Asset Store
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.2 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorFede Alvarez
TagsFirst-Person, Horror


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Pretty cool.  Nice, simple, spooky FNAF-ish gameplay.  I had fun.

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Thanks for playing!

Playing 10 Horror Games on itch.io 


Playing 10 Horror Games on itch.io 

Good game bro.

thanks for playing!

actually slightly creepy lol 

Didn't really know what was going on lol

haha Thanks for playing anyway!  I'll be updating this game as soon as I can to do it better.
Nice video!

Just about the cringiest Let's Play you'll come across. But, it's my first so I figured I'd leave this here. There's a review in the description too. I found the game fun, but tame. I understand it was for a Game Jam, though. Otherwise, it lacks flare. Something that makes it a more thorough experience whether there's a far-out storyline or more shocking scares. Something that makes you jump off the keyboard, then rush back before you're ganged up on, lol. Besides that, It's wholesome fun, I played many times, searching for new endings. Lost every time, I think.

Hey! Thanks a lot for playing it and for the feedback! I over scoped the game and some things didn't make it to the final cut so there's a lot of things that doesn't make much sense. It sadly doesn't have multiple endings.
I'll try to get better at this :) Stay tuned for the update!

It is a nice game but i hope there will be some jumpscares at the end of the game.

Thanks for the feedback! The game was for a game jam, and one of the points was not include jumpscares directly so I tried to do something a little bit different, but maybe needs a little more of horror, I'll be updating soon :)

Played this game for a Random Horror Games video and I was not super impressed,it is difficult to try to fit a survive the night aspect into a game that is only 2 minutes. It has some potential, I wish you luck and I will be hoping

Thanks for playing! It is difficult indeed, I've tried not to include actual jumpscares and make something different but not always work. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Nice video btw, very funny!

Thank you! 

Even though this was below my expectations, I had nice time playing it not the best but not the worst,This is a great game!


Thank you for playing it! I know that's not the best. I'll try get better next time :)

Hey man listen I;m about to play it right now and I have high hopes for the game, and I don't think it'll disappoint me just by the images.

Props to the dev of the short horror game!


Thanks a lot for playing it! :)

Really great use of sound.  You packed a lot of creepy atmosphere into just 2 minutes!

Thanks a lot :) I really wanted to create some kind of darkish atmosphere, I'm glad you like it!

It was interesting! Like other people said, I wish the chatting element was more of the focus in the game, but the concept was cool

Thanks a lot for playing my game! I'll be updating it to include some more content :) Nice video btw! keep up the good work! 

Thank you! I look forward to seeing more games from you!

the concept was good. it was creepy. it kinda gives me the dark web kinda feels. but I think it would be more fun if the "chatting" were the main thing. and the three guys poppin' pop were just a side thing or a challenge where you need to look up for them in order for you to survive. but that was a nice game I hope you will update it because I'm looking forward to it. 

p.s game starts at 11:15

Thanks for playing it! I wanted a FNAF kinda feel at first, maybe the chat needs to have more relevance. I really appreciate the feedback! I'll be updating (i hope) soon! 

The game starts at the very first second :)

Hey! Thanks a lot for playing! I'll be updating this in near future so please stay tuned! :)

Your pleasure is mine! :)
I'm wondering what you're going to improve in this game :)

Originally I had a little background story explaining why the Night Chat pops up, I want to add some of that and other surprises too!

Was honestly surprised as to how good this was. It was scary and silly at the same time and enjoyed myself playing it. The guy huddling in the corner was really creepy and gave me the chills, and the gameplay was simple yet fun. And got some creepypasta vibes from it (Not sure if that was your inspiration) and definitely will look forward for more!

Only suggestions I can give is to make the animation for the disappearing shadow people different as the shrinking animation was a little silly (though fun) and took a little away from the dark tone of the game. And also to add a little more story to it; would love to see why there are shadow people in the house, and how the Night Chat started, etc.

Great game and you did a great job n it!

Thanks! I really apreciate your comment! My main inspiration was FNAF but I think there are lot of things on the internet that inspired me.

I'll be updating this in a near future to include some lost content that brings the story together, and I definetly going to change the effects to looks little more dark hehe :)

Thanks a lot! Very nice video!

I admittedly thought that Night Chat was a completely different type of game when I first fired it up. But I enjoyed myself, and I’m especially impressed by how much is done with so little. Night Chat could definitely be a bigger release if it wanted to be. Well done! 


Thanks for that kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience, I'll be working on it for sure. Thanks again, I enjoyed the video too, nice work! :)

My playthrough starts at 7:05


Thanks a lot for playing it! It's very simple but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the cool video too! :)

i liked it!! it seemed like there was no difference between winning or losing though? or maybe both times i just lost? lol

Thanks for playing it! Yes, there is no difference sadly, there was a bigger idea for story, sort of explaining this exactly, but I couldn't make it! Maybe someday hehe. Thanks again! :D

This was a good game I enjoyed what you made here. Well done, I can't wait to see more of what you have in store as a creator. If you want to see my playthrough check out my video.Keep up creating FedeAlvarez 


Thanks a lot for playing it! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Nice and fun video, keep up the good work! :)

Amazing game dev i played it in 3 random games and it's so well done it's the second

Hey! Thanks for playing the game, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Awesome video! :D

Thank you :D